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Again, we can't stress enough, the importance of your attendance at these meetings, as we need the
membership to come together for important topics and discussions.

Also, membership renewals are due.  
Please see Heidi with $10 at the meeting for your membership renewal, or, if you are not a member,
please feel free to join or fine organization.

Thank you again for your support.

Semi-Annual Meeting was held on:
Monday June 19, 2017  @ 6pm
Riverhead Library, behind the stage room.
All members needed to attend.  Only paid members voted.
Pizza and soft drinks were provided. 

1.  Youth Production ages 13-18
2.  Youth Production ages under 13
3.  Adult Production
4.  Ticket prices
5.  Costume storage
6.  Membership

We try to have two membership meetings each year.  Usually they are January and June.
Even though we just had one on February 24, there is a need to have one in June.

Robert and Michael Horn have decided not to submit a proposal to direct "1776".
We all need to discuss any other proposals that may come in, and if there are none, how to proceed for the Fall.
Should we try to put together a Holiday themed Musical revue? Should we not do a show this Fall?

The board has accepted a proposal for a youth production of "Legally Blonde", ages 13-18.

If anyone is interested in putting on a show for children under 13, please submit a proposal.

Hope to see you there