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'Guys and Dolls'

Audition Dates:

Monday: June 18 @ 7:15pm
Tuesday: June 26 @ 6:30pm
at the Riverhead Free Library

Performance Dates:
9,10,11  @  16,17,18

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'Bring It On'
Laura Nitti - Director
Audition Dates:
Tuesday 6/12/2018  @ 6pm
Wednesday 6/13/2018 @ 6pm
Call Back:  Friday  6/15/2018 @ 6pm
For Grades 7-12 Students
Show Dates:
Thursday   9/13/2018
Sunday      9/16/2018

Hello, RFCT family!  Here is the information about the auditions for our fall musical, "Guys & Dolls."  We hope
to see you there.


Riverhead Faculty and Community Theatre will hold auditions for their fall musical Guys & Dolls on Mon June 18 from 7:15-8:30 & Tues June 26 from 6:30-8:30 at the Riverhead Library (downstairs). Callbacks Wed June 27. Please prepare 16 bars of a pre-1970 Bway theater song. If you’re interested in a particular role, consider auditioning with one of that character’s songs. In addition, there will be a short dance audition for Adelaide and the Hot Box girls. (Keep an eye out for our Facebook event, where choreographer Jessica Raven will post a video to help you prepare.) The show performs Nov 9,10,11,16,17,18 in the Riverhead HS auditorium. No performance conflicts will be considered. All roles open except Arvide. There will be a few dance rehearsals over the summer; regular rehearsals will be
Tu, Wed, Th  starting after Labor Day, likely Sept. 11. 

Any questions, you can email the director Manning Dandridge at

Male Roles:


Sky Masterson (baritone): Strong actor/singer with huge story arc. A charming, self-assured gambler. Despite his flaws, Sky is immensely likeable and oozes style. He is always the coolest guy in the room. 

Nathan Detroit (baritone): A consummate businessman who’s always looking for his big break (which never seems to come) He has divided loyalties between his fiancé (of 14 years!) and organizing the crap game. He’s a schemer and a manipulator but ultimately good-hearted. Requires good comic timing.


Nicely Nicely Johnson (tenor):  An eccentric gambler and Nathan’s best friend. Leads the number “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.” Comic timing an absolute must. Sings complex harmonies with Benny in several numbers. 

Benny Southstreet (baritone): Gambler and one of Nathan’s primary associates. Strong singing and acting required. Sings many solo lines and complex harmonies (“Fugue for Tinhorns,” “Oldest Established” and “”Guys and Dolls”) 

Harry the Horse (baritone): Gambler and one of Nathan’s primary associates. Strong acting required Also sings in several numbers. 

Big Jule (spoken): An intimidating hustler from Chicago, temperamental, a sore loser. Preferably physically large, definitely needs a large stage presence.

Lt. Brannigan (spoken): A policeman engaged in a battle of wits with Nathan to stop the crap game. Comic timing and acting ability are essential. 


Angie the Ox (spoken, cameo) 

Joey Biltmore (spoken, cameo) 

Hot Box Announcer (spoken cameo)

Also gamblers, Havana waiters, dancers

Female Roles 


Sarah Brown (soprano): Strong actress and singer with big story arc. Prim Salvation Army officer, an idealistic but sheltered missionary. Kind-hearted but full of conviction. She must portray straight-laced, tipsy, heartbroken and madly in love over the course of the show. 

Adelaide (mezzo): Strong actress, good comic timing a must.  Engaged to Nathan for 14 years, she really loves him and we need it to show. Good dancer a plus.  


General Cartwright (mezzo): Salvation Army Matron, regional director of the Save-a-Soul mission. Authoritative and somewhat haughty. 

Agatha (mezzo): Member of the Mission. Sings “Follow the Fold” and has a couple of lines. 

Mimi: One of the Hot box girls, she has a few lines. 

6-8 Hot Box Girls (dancers/singers): In addition to the Hot Box numbers, these women will also be featured in several numbers including “Havana,” “Luck Be a Lady,” and “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat”

Possibly might need an additional female member of the mission.


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