The R.F.C.T. will present: Seussical Jr.  -  September 19, 20, & 21,  2014

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RFCT provides annual scholarships to qualifying Riverhead High School Graduates

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If you have any questions, please contact Director Laura Nittti at lnitti@optonline.net
Asst. Director Heidi Perry-Hipp at hipps@optonline.net

On the audition forms you will be asked to fill out what part you are auditioning for. You may put a character or chorus. We expect you to know the show and what it is about. If you are putting a characters name, please know something about them. You will be asked questions. You must be prepared. Please choose a song that is fitting for the character you are auditioning for – (has the same type of personality). DO NOT sing a song from the show. If you are called back, you will be given a song to learn that corresponds to the character that you are being called back for. Please have 16 bars prepared. An accompanist will be provided for you. If you are singing along to a song on your iPod (we’d rather you didn’t), it must be instrumental only and you must provide a portable speaker system for us to hear the music and you. You may NOT hold your iPod and sing a cappella from it while reading lyrics. You may not read from a lyrics sheet. All audition pieces must be memorized. If you are singing a cappella (no music accompaniment whatsoever), please note that it is MUCH harder to sing this way. We are better able to judge you if you come prepared with accompaniment.

You may also be asked to read from the script and/or to do some basic movement.

Please bring a headshot or recent snapshot. This is REQUIRED. We cannot audition you without one. With so many children auditioning, we need a way to keep track of people and also to better physically envision certain children in certain parts.

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